Welcome to Ryvanz-Mia!

Ryvanz-Mia (also referred to as Ryvanz-Mia Childcare International or RM Children’s Home) a charitable, NGO based Kpando in the Volta Region of Ghana. We aim to assist orphaned and otherwise needy children to reach all of their potential by being a home to these orphan children as well as leading various community outreach and assistance projects.
We hope that with access to quality education, health care,nutrition,spiritual guidance and love that the children who are a part of our programs will grow into healthy and valuable members of society.

How it all began….

After the demise of  Mama Esi’s loved ones, she decided that she wanted to do something to give back, in their memory. After Mama Esi noticed the plight of orphaned and otherwise vulnerable children in her community, she decided to open a children’s home.
The home was named Ryvanz-Mia after her deceased daughter (Ryvanz) and their first volunteer from Village Volunteers (Mia). Ryvanz-Mia is run out of Mama Esi’s personal home, which was constructed by her husband.
After noting the orphaned and otherwise needy children’s needs in her community Mrs. Esime Djentuh (lovingly referred to as Mama Esi) decided to welcome these children into her home. Over the years, many children have found a home at Ryvanz-Mia children’s home.
Regardless of their background, Ryvanz-Mia  provides these children with access to education, shelter, clothing, nutrition, medical care, and a whole lot of love. Although funds are limited, the staff at the orphanage try to give each child every opportunity to succeed in life.

Future Plans

To address the growing need in Kpando, the organization is planning to acquire land for a new orphanage which can accommodate many more children. Ryvanz-Mia Childcare International welcomes the support of volunteers and donors to assist in their efforts to provide the orphans of Kpando with quality care, instill the values of education, and promote healthy development.