Akwele (Francisca) 

Meet Akwele, one of Ryvanz-Mia’s resident children!

Akwele is quite the performer, she absolutely loves to sing, dance, and show off her “model walk” around Ryvanz-Mia, where she has lived for the past six years. While her nickname around the house is “Princess”, due to the fact that she loves to dress up and be in charge, she is most comfortable playing in the dirt with Mawunyo and her twin brother, Oko.
Akwele is almost ten-years-old and in primary class three. She is very intelligent and is able to breeze through most of her school work, last term she even got perfect scores on a couple of very challenging final exams! However, don’t be fooled into thinking Akwele is the perfect student as Akwele absolutely hates homework! She sometimes even tries to trick Ryvanz-Mia staff into believing that she doesn’t have homework even though the other two kids from our house in the same class, Oko and Mawunyo, do.

Unfortunately for Akwele the staff and older children don’t usually fall for Akwele’s stories. Don’t feel bad for Akwele’s free time though, once Akwele does sit down with her homework she is usually able to finish it very quickly and get right back to her dancing. Akwele promises to try harder to do her homework without anyone asking her to do so. She hopes to continue to make you proud as a nurse in the future!


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