Love Amanor

Love is goofy, creative, and friendly. He is currently navigating between wanting to be considered one of the little kids and wanting to be considered one of the big kids. He loves using his imagination with the younger kids and playing football (soccer) with the older kids. At school Love is now in Primary Class 5 and is enjoying English classes. Love misses having his older brother, Wisdom, around the house (as Wisdom, like the majority of secondary school students is a boarding student and is only home on school holidays now) but since Wisdom isn’t around Love has learned to be more independent and is loving getting to do more things on his own (although I am sure Love wishes Wisdom was around to help out with washing his clothes still).

He enjoys working on his reading, and often after school is the first one to ask to open up the home library so he can spend his time with our book collection. As Love is growing, and is no longer the “baby of the house”, he also enjoys helping out when possible around the house.

Love relished in his role of the baby of the house for many years. However, he has grown so much over the past couple of years and is now he an amazing older brother figure- he can often be found leading the younger children in building some sort of masterpiece with scraps found around the house. Also, Love is almost always found playing/creating some sort of mischief with his “twin”, Silas. They especially enjoy building their own drums and creating their own rhythm patterns.

Love, we could not adore you any more than we do! You are such a kind, funny, and loving guy! We are very thankful to have you a part of our Ryvanz-Mia family!


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