Mawuli is our animal loving, loyal, and sensitive trouble maker. At least once a day you can hear one of the other kids yelling for Mawuli because just about any prank pulled in the house is his handy work. Don’t think that Mawuli does any of this with malicious intentions, rather this guy with a big heart just has his own goofy sense of humor.

Mawuli is as sweet as can be with the younger kids and loves helping them in any way he can. In addition to having an extra close relationship with the younger kids and George, Mawuli also continues to have a special place in Mama Esi’s heart.

He was the first official child brought to Ryvanz-Mia Orphanage (now referred to as Ryvanz-Mia Childcare International or RM Children’s Home).

While Mawuli has struggled a lot academically in the past, thanks in part to his new school, Mawuli is now doing much better in his classes. He is now in primary class 5 and is able to write any letter or number (up to 10, he is able to write some larger numbers with no problem though!)! With his new found writing abilities Mawuli enjoys copying stories from picture books.