Listen in or read up on the shared experiences of past volunteers and their time spent at Ryanz-Mia Orphanage.

This is a wonderful video testimonial filmed and created by Morgan Hanson

Upon finding out that both of us had a degree in computer information systems we were asked to take over the computer class at 2 different schools.  Miracle school where the ages ranged from 14-16 and then at CVO, a private school, which was 18 and up.  They were most interested in typing.  We found a book with a printout of the keyboard and decided to get it photocopied, color code it and then laminate it for durability.  The computer teacher loved the idea  and it helped tremendously in showing the children the basics of typing” Sheetal and Sweta, a past volunteer.

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A truly life Changing Experience

My time in Ghanawas truly life changing. I spent my time at the Ryvanz-Mia orphanage in Kpando, and taught HIV education at the schools in the surrounding area. My job was to teach others, but I learned far more from this experience than I could ever have offered. I am amazed with the amount of kindness and the accommodating manner which was shown to me.Even though the children at Ryvanz-Mia have so little, they are the most happy and loving children I have ever met. The love and the kindness that these children showed to me was so emotionally inspiring, that at times I had to turn my head to wait until the tears in my eyes would pass.

Mama Esi, who runs the orphanage, was a delight. Her hospitable manner made living in a foreign country easy to adjust to. As I watched Mama talk with the children, I could see in her eyes how much she truly loves and cares for each and every one of them.
Kpando village was the most peaceful and friendly place I have ever visited. As I walked to school each morning, I was greeted with smiles and friendly faces. I truly felt welcomed.

After visiting Ghana, the problems and challenges I faced at home in the United States seem completely unimportant.

My time in Kpando has forced me to ponder what is truly important in life. The people in Kpando have so little in most people’s eyes, but as a whiteness of  their undeniable happiness, I know that they have more than what most people only hope to achieve in this life.

The friendships I made with the children at the orphanage, Mama Esi, and with the residents of Kpando village have changed my life forever. The feelings I havefelt in these short four weeks have left a lasting imprint on my heart. I will never forget my time here in Ghana.

Kelly Brown Orem, Utah Ryvanz-Mia Orphanage and Delta School May 2008

All Good Things Must End

With our shadow puppetry projects wrapped up in Bakpe and Bamefedo, we had a little more puppet love to spread around before leaving Ghana. We traveled to the town of Kpando; our friend Peta Hall had provided us with an introduction to Mama Esi who runs the Ryvanz-Mia Orphanage, and we spent a joy-filled afternoon with the 17 kids living there.

Susanne sits amongst the Kings and Queens of Kpando
As we’d done at the schools, we gave each kid a pencil kit of their own art supplies as well as a notebook. We spent some time drawing, and we all made crowns to wear; it felt like a party! We busted out our puppet supplies and set about that familiar routine of sewing on button eyes, making hair, and designing fabulous outfits for the kids’ hand puppets.

We stayed over at the orphanage that night. Before the kids went to bed, we presented Mama Esi and the children with a whole suitcase of art supplies and books. I wish we could have stayed for longer, I loved spending time with these sweet kids.

By Susanne Larner,December,2012